Wati Demographics


LN small city
Corruption -1; Crime +1; Economy +4; Law +0; Lore +1; Society +5
Qualities pious (Pharasma), sacred site, strategic location, tourist attraction
Danger +5

Government council
Population 7, 300 (6,670 Humans, 292 Halflings, 73 Dwarves, 26 Half-Elves, 239 other)

Notable NPC’s
Banker of Abadar Anok Tejuht (male Half-elf Cleric of Abadar)
Commander of the Voices Nakht Shepses {male Human Inquisitor of Pharasma)
Council Member Ahbehn Okhenti (male middle-aged Human Fighter)
Council Member Damej Mahfre (female old Human Wizard)
Haty-a Oshep Ka hmed (male Human Bard)
High Priestess of Pharasma Sebti the Crocodile (female Human Cleric of Pharasma)
Mistress of the Embalmer’s Guild Bahjut Everhand (female old Halfling Alchemist)

Base Value 5,200 gp; Purchase Limit 25,000 gp; Spellcasting 7th
Minor Items 4d4
Medium Items 3d4
Major Items 1d6

Sacred Site: The Grand Mausoleum and the necropolis of Wati are both sacred to the faith of Pharasma, and draw a large number of pilgrims to the city. (Corruption -2, Economy +1, Lore +1)

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Wati Demographics

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