Roshani Banu Hasheem

Roshani is a short Garundi with soft caramel skin, long, shiny raven hair, and pale blue eyes.


On the dusty, crowded streets of Wati, an elaborate palanquin carries a fine woman with soft caramel skin, long, shiny raven hair, and pale blue eyes that rival the precious Chalcedony. The maiden is attired in rich robes and bright silks and laden in golden jewelry. She rests on colorful, gilded pillows adorned with pictures of fanciful beasts while casually smoking a hookah.

“Make way! Move,” the palanquin guards yell at the pedestrians on the street. “Move! Avert your eyes from the most beautiful daughter of the House of Hasheem!”

As the palanquin and it’s entourage glide past you through the parting crowd, you notice that the young lady seems to be gazing far off in the distance as if in a trance. She pays no notice of the commotion her presence brings to the street around her.


Everyone knows that Roshani Banu Hasheem is one of the most beautiful maidens in Wati and also one of the richest. Her family is a wealthy and old merchant family and as such she has lived a life of opulence.

Roshani spent much of her youth at parties, indulging in a hedonistic lifestyle until she met a Sahir-Afiyun, named Abu Hasid, who taught her that there was power in the the hallucinations that came with her drug of choice. Pesh, he taught her, could enhance her latent magical abilities and provide insights to unique spells.

It wasn’t long before she was in his thrall – setting up quarters for him in her family’s estate and preferring her ‘teacher’ to the ‘boys’ she consorted with at the parties.

Now, Roshani spends most of her time hallucinating or in a drugged haze searching for a deeper meaning and to unlock the mysteries of Pesh.

After the recent announcement of the opening of the tombs of Wati, she had a vision of Hathor calling to her from the necropolis. Her goddess’s voice drifted like music from the empty streets of the necropolis compelling Roshani’s spirit to leave her body and dance into the city of the dead. Before she could reach her destination, her vision was interrupted by a careless servant who shook her mistress to get a response.

Roshani hasn’t been able to shake the memory of the vision and is over-whelmed with curiosity. She believes Hathor was trying to reveal a secret to her and the only way she will be able to discover it is to venture into the tombs herself.

Roshani Banu Hasheem

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